Real-Life Escape Room

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What is Xcape Adventures?



Whether you are having a night out with friends or family, celebrating a special event, planning a team-building activity, or simply want to escape the hectic workweek, Xcape Adventures will provide you an unforgettable real-life gaming adventure.


Imagine a room in which you are the game piece and the board is your environment. From the sound of steam expelling from rusty pipes, to ambient noises, you must use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles, find clues and exit the room within an hour of entering.


Xcape Adventures is setting the standard for escape rooms across the country. We’re a family-friendly business designed to entertain people of all ages, with several exciting rooms to choose from. Xcape Adventures is the ideal place for building up your workmates or unifying your friends or family. Communication is the "key" to your escape!


The rooms at Xcape Adventures are designed to be both challenging and entertaining with interactive puzzles, hidden objects, secret areas and cool effects. All of this is combined with an immersive environment in order to put you and your friends, family or co-workers in the game.



"I've done over 50 escape rooms around the world and most here in the DFW area, and you can't go wrong with Xcape Adventures. They incorporate a lot of unique, fun challenges in their rooms, with cool tech as well. First-rate !!" A. Noxon

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Art by Shannon Sapenter: @Ape_of_bravado

"My friends and I have done nearly every room in DFW and when asked which place would we recommend to people this is the answer...they have the best tech [and are] best priced. I've done all of their rooms and been satisfied with all of them." M. Willis

What will you experience at Xcape Adventures?

Private Reservation

Choosing this option ensures that only you and the people you choose are in the room. You get the room all to yourselves!

The Mission $175 for up-to 8 people

Dr. Gene Etics $175 for up-to 8 people

Captain Skully $225 for up-to 10 people

Per-Person Reservation

This option means that you might be sharing the room with others. This is one of the most unique human experiences! Escape the room with someone you just met!

Each player: $25 in any room.

Locate our discount codes on our Facebook page!

Choose Your Game Play Option

Be sure when you are making your reservation you are choosing the option that is best for your outing.


For more information on pricing and reservations, see our FAQ page.



FRI 1:00p - 9:45p

SAT 10:00a - 9:45p

SUN 4:15p - 9:45p


Visit XcapeTeam.com for info on reserving an event on a non-business day.