Frequently Asked Questions

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What is an escape room? A real-life escape room is a physical adventure game in which people are placed in a locked (or unlocked) room with other participants. They must use the tools found in the room by solving puzzles or finding clues and exiting the room in one hour.


When are you open? We are open Friday 1:00p - 9:45p, Saturday 10:00a - to 9:45p, and Sunday 4:15p - 9:45p. Weekdays are reserved for Team Building or Private Events. To see if we are open on special calendar days give us a call or stay updated on her Facebook page by following or liking us. 972-982-2073.


How many people can I have in my group? You can have a recommended max of 8 people in The Mission, Contagious and Dr. Gene. Since Captain Skully is a bigger adventure we allow 10 people. However we do allow you to add two additional people in each adventure. The price will be $25 a person for any extras over the recommended limit. These are considered "add-ons" in our booking system.


What room is best for me? If you are a beginner, we highly suggest playing Captain Skully. It is our least challenging room. That room is also great for younger ones because it has a lot of room for them to really explore. A step up from there is Dr. Gene, then The Mission. Contagious is the most challenging room we have yet!


How much does an Xcape Adventure cost? You have TWO OPTIONS.


Private Reservations mean you have the room all to yourselves (with no strangers) and is as follows:

  • Dr. Gene Etics $175 for up-to 8 people
  • Contagious $175 for up-to 8 people
  • The Mission $175 for up-to 8 people
  • Captain Skully $225 for up-to 10 people


Per-Person means it is a non-private event. Each person can play for $25.

  • Remember, this option DOES NOT guarantee you will not be in the room with other people.


When does my gift voucher expire? One year after the date it was purchased.


Will you lock me in a room? It depends on which room you play. In some rooms your objective is to find the final key to a locked door, while adventure has a different objective. Either way you can get out whenever you'd like


How do I reserve a room? Click BOOK NOW and choose the room you'd like to play. Then choose the date and time. Be sure you are choosing the right option (Per-Person OR Private)


How old do I have to be? We require an adult to be in the room if there are children under the age of 15. No adult supervision is required if over the age of 15. While young children are most certainly welcome, the clues and puzzle systems in all of our rooms are designed with the adult brain in mind. We encourage all parents to watch their children closely because there may be small parts that children may lose that are vital to your escape. Being that there will be multiple people in the room, and all kinds of excitement, small children may get stepped on or bump their heads. So please, watch your children closely!


What if I arrive late? Think of Xcape Adventures as a movie -it must start on time. We close the door at the time your reservation begins. If you are late then your time is already counting down. Please arrive 15 to 20 minutes before your reservation.


Can I get a refund? If you are late, no. If you need to cancel you need to call one day before your scheduled reservation. But seriously, you won't want to cancel.


Do you offer team building? Yes we do! Visit our Team Building website at XcapeTeam.com for information. OR, go ahead and send us an email with the number of people that you are hosting and we will assist you in planning your event! info@XcapeDFW.com




For more information on pricing and reservations, see our FAQ page.



FRI 1:00p - 9:45p

SAT 10:00a - 9:45p

SUN 4:15p - 9:45p


Visit XcapeTeam.com for info on reserving an event on a non-business day.